Eagerpig Developments provides Motocross & Supercross Coaching, Rider Training and Race Assistance for Individuals, Groups and Clubs.


Coaching is provided for beginner’s right through to riders competing at a National level. Services are available in the way of private sessions, coaching schools and club booked coaching days. All coaching is undertaken by accredited coaches with quality racing experience who can also provide the necessary 5 hours training required for Motorcycling Australia’s Kick Start and Junior Coaching Programs.
Supercross Coaching and Licence Endorsement are available.

For available session times or school dates contact via ‘contacts’ page.
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Rider Training can be provided for the rider looking to take their riding to the next level through physical training. The rider training consists of a full yearly training plan covering off season through to competition phases with structured peak fitness and recovery cycles. The yearly plan is broken down to week by week training with regular updates and some fitness test opportunities to assist in keeping the rider measured and on track. Each yearly plan is created to suit the individual rider to maximise training efforts towards each riders specific goals set out for the year.


The Race Assistance consists of a coach being available to the rider for the entire race season where the coach will attend selected race events throughout the year. The main aim of the race assistance program is to assist the rider with race day preparation and encouragement, and help with line selection and passing options throughout the day. Past experience has proven the race assistance program invaluable where the rider/parent or rider/mechanic relationship is having trouble communicating effectively, or simply where a rider needs help keeping in the right frame of mind.


The Victorian Institute of Motocross Program is focused on the development of motocross riders in Victoria with the aim of assisting them reach their potential at the State and National level.

The program is run by Mark Willingham and his team at Eagerpig Developments. The program consists of structured coaching and training for a 1 year period starting late October and running until the end of September.

For 2010 participants will attend 5 sessions, all of which are classroom sessions held at Geelong’s Skilled Stadium and consist of fitness evaluations, along with theoretical classes of physical training, goal setting, diet/nutrition, psychology, public speaking and dealing with the media. On bike coaching and training for VIM riders is done at normal Eagerpig Schools, at a variety of venues across Victoria. The program also involves both the Rider Training and Race Assistance programs proven to be a great success with rider improvement during the race season.

2010 VIM Application Form


Looking The Eagerpig Training Program is set up very similar to the Victorian Institute of Motocross, where the riders take part in the off bike training and are assisted on race day, however the training is delivered in a slightly less intense form. The Eagerpig Training Program is essentially designed to be a stepping stone for those interested in the VIM program, getting them used to training and prepared for a futrue position in the VIM group.

Applications for the Eagerpig Training Program can be made by also using the VIM Application Form

2010 VIM Application Form

With both the Victorian Institute of Motocross and the Eagerpig Training Program, Eagerpig Developments are able to cater for all levels of rider.

Any interested rider, parent or club should direct their enquiry to Mark Willingham via the 'contacts' page.