Eagerpig Developments Motocross and Supercross Coaching has been created and is run by Mark Willingham, an experienced Level 2 accredited coach, with many years of racing under his belt at the State and National level in both Motocross and Supercross, along with some time spent racing in America. It is with Mark’s in depth understanding of racing, ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate his message, and a genuine desire to assist riders in reaching their personal goals, that Eagerpig Developments has evolved into what it is today.

Eagerpig Developments is set up different to most mainstream coaching schools as dates for schools are not just advertised and run on a first come first serve basis, groups are arranged according to skill levels and needs, and private sessions are not done just once off. The main aim of Eagerpig Developments is to ‘develop’ a rider over a period of time, consisting of several private coaching sessions, attendance at several schools, and riders are encouraged to take part in our year long programs like the Victorian Institute of Motocross which includes rider physical training and season long race assistance, where a coach attends several events during the year to encourage and help with race day preparation, where it counts.

As stated above Eagerpig Developments Coaching Schools are generally arranged to suit a group of riders certain needs, therefore, positions available at a school are arranged so riders can be matched in a way where no one is left behind or bored by being a step ahead of the others, ensuring all attending riders gain maximum benefit.

Any rider interested in attending a coaching school or having private tuition, or any club interested in having a school at their venue, should contact Mark Willingham by heading to the ‘contacts’ page.